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Friday, May 31

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Thursday, May 30

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Wednesday, May 29

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Tuesday, May 28

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Xbox Exposed !
Posted by waddy on Sunday, June 02 @ 13:00:05 BST

SurfingMax sent this in : Here is a whitepaper with images, on the security holes in the Microsoft X-Box, its a great article is your a techy person, as it basically goes through the disection of an Xbox.

The guy reverse engineers the Xbox to expose the security holes and explains them very well, i think it is worth a read.

Download : Whitepaper (.pdf)

Homepage : Hacking the Xbox

Note : To save the .pdf file to your hard drive --- Right Click and choose "Save Target As"

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Google(c)SearchTool v2 is out
Posted by waddy on Sunday, June 02 @ 12:00:08 BST

DownloadsThanks to Pieter for the heads up on the new release. Thats right the Google Search tool has been updated with new features. This software application is a handy tool for people who are spending lot's of time searching the various newsgroups posts, images, links, news and stocks in google©. It also supports windows XP themes.

You minimize it and it goes to the systray and the searching is so easy. Search in all or 27 different languages and see the result in one of the 66 available languages. Use one of the 9 search criteria to search in. Customize it to your needs. Screenshot

Homepage :

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Internet Explorer Addons Kit
Posted by waddy on Sunday, June 02 @ 10:39:44 BST

DownloadsThanks to Max for this article : This kit includes a selection of some very useful utilities for Internet Explorer. Most of these are activated by "right-clicking" on an appropriate item in the browser and choosing the associated command. For example, if you want to use the Text Highlighter, select some text with the cursor, then right-click on the selected text and choose "Highlight" from the list of commands. Others such as the Image Toggler and Quick Search are located in the links bar.

1. There's a small glitch in the Zoom InOut function

To fix it, use Notepad to open ZOOMIN.HTM (found usually in c:/WINDOWS/WEB), end edit it to read both image dimensions before setting any of them:

old contents:
h = parentwin.event.srcElement.height * 2;
parentwin.event.srcElement.height = h;
w = parentwin.event.srcElement.width * 2;
parentwin.event.srcElement.width = w;

new contents (the 3rd line in the fragment above moved up):

h = parentwin.event.srcElement.height * 2;
w = parentwin.event.srcElement.width * 2;
parentwin.event.srcElement.height = h;
parentwin.event.srcElement.width = w;

Do the same for ZOOMOUT.HTM.

2. The Image List option also has a small glitch, when you select the Image List from the right-click menu the page appears but it's blank. As a workaround press F5 or select: Refresh, the page will produce the Image List.

Note: These accessories from Microsoft are marked for IE 5 only, however they work just fine in IE 6, to get full use, do the above tweaks, which only take a few seconds..

Download : Microsoft IE Addons Pack (134KB)

Information : Microsoft

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System File Checker
Posted by waddy on Sunday, June 02 @ 10:06:07 BST

OS Tricks and TipsSystem File Checker :
If you are getting system errors or having problems with windows, then the system file checker utility, Sfc.exe, allows administrators to scan all protected files to verify their versions. Sfc can also check and fix the cache directory.

The following is the command-line syntax for Sfc. Open a command prompt and type sfc and one of the swtiches after it.

  • /SCANNOW - Scans all protected system files immediately.
  • /SCANONCE - Scans all protected system files at the next boot.
  • /SCANBOOT - Scans all protected system files at every boot.
  • /REVERT - Windows XP: Return to default settings.
  • /CANCEL - Cancels all pending scans of protected system files.
  • /QUIET - Replaces all incorrect file versions without prompting the user.
  • /ENABLE - Enables WFP for standard operation.
  • /PURGECACHE - Empties the file cache and scans all protected system files.
  • /CACHESIZE=x - Sets the file cache size. The default size of the cache is 0x32 (50 MB).

    Sfc sets the following registry value:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion/Winlogon/SFCScan

    THe most common troubleshooting switch is sfc /scannow

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    Supercomputer Top Spot To IBM Again
    Posted by waddy on Sunday, June 02 @ 09:39:15 BST

    Global NewsThe giant computer company says the National Centers for Environmental Prediction, a division of the National Weather Service, will build a $224 million, 100 teraflop computer that can run 100 trillion calculations per second.

    A 100 teraflop machine can do more calculations in one second than a person with a calculator could make in more than 80 million years, IBM said.

    Full Article : CBS news

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    IPv6 Protocol for Windows XP
    Posted by waddy on Saturday, June 01 @ 21:46:56 BST

    OS Tricks and TipsTwenty years ago, the 4 billion addresses available with Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) seemed such a vast amount for the handful of Internet users that giving out big chunks of Internet addresses didn't cause much concern. As a result, some countries and organizations got tons of addresses, while those who came late to the party had to fight over the remains.

    Microsoft is actively working on support for the emerging update to the Internet Protocol, commonly referred to as IP version 6, or simply IPv6. This protocol is designed to significantly increase the address space used to identify communication endpoints in the Internet, thereby allowing it to continue the tremendous growth rate.

    Information : IPv6

    How To : Install IPv6 on XP

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    Morrowind Plugins for Download
    Posted by waddy on Saturday, June 01 @ 20:39:35 BST

    Go to Vivec, Aradraen: Fletcher in the Foreign Quarter Lower Waistworks for her world famous area effect arrows. Exclusive to her shop!

    BITTER COAST SOUNDS PLUGIN (43kb) 05/31/2002
    Let the gentle chorus of swamp wildlife draw you further into the mire throughout the entire swampy region of the Bitter Coast. You'll find dragonfly creatures now inhabit the muck ponds along the coast

    ENTERTAINERS PLUGIN (609kb) 05/10/2002
    Speak with Dulnea Ralaal in Balmora, Eight Plates on the topic "entertain the patrons". She will give you options to tell jokes, dance the high-kick, play the drum, play the lute and sing, or juggle.

    Download & Info :

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    Kazaa Lite v1.7.1
    Posted by waddy on Saturday, June 01 @ 20:25:09 BST

    DownloadsDrx writes : A new version of Kazza Lite - v1.17.

    New features in this version are detection of the Benjamin worm-virus and the ability to double your search results.

    Its also got a new desktop Icon, system tray icon and a new splash screen.

    Download : Kazaa Lite v1.7.1

    Homepage :

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    Tons Of Men In Black 2 Pictures
    Posted by waddy on Saturday, June 01 @ 20:05:30 BST

    SurfingThanks to Jen for sending this link in : This movie is to be released July 3rd, 2002 and looks great.

    It has been four years since the alien-seeking agents averted an intergalactic disaster of epic proportions. Kay has since returned to the comforts of civilian life while Jay continues to work for the Men In Black, the highly funded yet unofficial government agency that regulates all things alien on earth. While investigating a seemingly routine crime, Hay uncovers a diabolical plot masterminded by Serleena, an evil Kylothian monster who disguises herself as a sexy lingerie model.

    It's a race against the clock as Jay must convince Kay--who not only has no memory of his time spent with the Men In Black, but is also the only living person left with the expertise to save the galaxy--to reunite with the MIB before the earth submits to ultimate destruction.

    Pictures :

    Homepage : Sony

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    Windows .NET Build 3628 Screenshots!
    Posted by waddy on Saturday, June 01 @ 19:32:58 BST

    InformationThe guys over at have found some screenshots of the latest BETA of Windows .NET

    You can check them out at the link below.

    Screenshots :

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    HL Change-List
    Posted by waddy on Saturday, June 01 @ 19:27:25 BST

    InformationMax sent in this this news : Erik Johnson of VALVe has posted the change-list for HL While all the changes seem useful, it looks like this release is more about consolidating and adding to the changes of than adding anything brand new. The VALVe anti-cheat is to be implemented in a much more effective manner so cheaters beware.

    Full Article : CSnation

    Note : Counter-Strike 1.5 and HL are now planned to be released on June 12th

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    When hacking competitions go wrong
    Posted by waddy on Saturday, June 01 @ 13:56:17 BST

    SurfingA hacking contest that promised $100,000 as first prize appears to have been weighted so heavily against competitors that some decided to hack the competition rather than the target server.

    Things apparently started to go wrong for KDWorks when two hackers, who go by the pseudonyms kill9 and m0rla, posted a message to the Web site, saying they had broken into the server holding the registration details of the entrants with relative ease and sent an email to all 1,240 of them.

    Full Article : ZDnet

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    New World Order Multiplayer Test
    Posted by Electronic Punk on Saturday, June 01 @ 00:51:30 BST

    DownloadsWhile the official release is imminent (I will post the official link when it appears), I have found a page that offers the 90 meg trial a little early.

    This could be another first person shooter, my first impressions are that it looks like another pretty fine game, IGN said "It will stand out because it will be very realistic and fun at the same time, while looking stunningly good. Your mind won't be able to determine anymore whether you are out there or behind your computer. I think it will appear most to players of tactical realistic first person shooters, but we aim for a very broad audience at the same time."

    For more information visit NWO Gamer which has screenshots and movies for your enjoyment.

    You can download the test from this page. Naturally the page is being hammered and I will post an official list of mirrors as soon as possible.

    Update: You can now also download the file here.

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    IBM develops new Privacy software
    Posted by waddy on Friday, May 31 @ 17:30:12 BST

    SecurityThe software takes personal information and scrambles it before forwarding it to merchants. On the merchant end, the software can unscramble the data enough for a company to mine for a marketing campaign--without revealing any individual's personal information.

    The software, which could be built into a Web browser or offered as a browser plug-in, would randomize information before it is transmitted to a merchant. The program might scramble the amount of salary a person makes by adding $15,000 to it, for instance, or scramble a person's age by subtracting five years.

    Full Article :

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    Its movie time
    Posted by waddy on Friday, May 31 @ 16:30:01 BST

    Global NewsViant, a research company tracking Internet piracy, has estimated that between 400,000 and 600,000 film copies are illegally downloaded daily on the Internet, up at least 20 percent from last year.

    After "Star Wars" and "Spider-Man" marked their black-market Web debut in May, the number of file-swappers online at one time soared to over 9 million, Viant said.

    Full Article : ZDnet Australia

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